Hugh Reed is now based in Beijing, he's a Scotsman who has had a long musical career. He returns usually during the summer to the UK.

His first single Six to Wan (621) was used by BBC Radio 1 as a theme tune for a series of programmes on Scottish Rock, in the early 1990s.

Following local TV appearances his band The Velvet Underpants’ were invited by Deborah

Harry of the band ‘Blondie’ to support her on 11 dates throughout Britain in the winter of 1993. This culminated in Hugh and Debs doing a live duet of Waiting for the Man, which can be watched on youku. Deborah also faxed Lou to tell him about Hugh.

Hugh was then signed to Edinburgh’s Eclectic label. The Debut Album Take a Walk on the Clydeside was released receiving a lot of radio play not just in UK but also throughout Europe, America and Canada.

Hugh describes himself as ‘multi talentless’ and is seen in a cameo role in the coolest film of the nineties Trainspotting - buying alcoholic drinks for a 14 year old girl he loses out to

Renton, the main man, and gets his pint nicked in the process. Watch out for the dodgy-looking geyser with sideburns and a frilly shirt. More recently he appeared in the Jackie Chan movie ’12 Zodiacs’ as a butler and has also appeared on CCTV in many small acting roles.

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Hugh previously toured extensively throughout the U.K., Germany, Holland, Belgium and Ireland. Hugh has relocated to Beijing, and recorded his next album ‘Ni fa feng le ma?’ The Electric Shadows has been formed with Ben Coles(UK) Darrio(Italy) Elly(Uganda) and maverick artist Benjamin Saphiro(UK), all of whom have played in bands and made music in their home countries. (for photos see the main menu)

Me at work in my studio